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About TechnoPharmaSphere LLC

Industry Experts Creating Solutions to Meet Challenges in Biopharm Development

TechnoPharmaSphere is an advanced biopharm drug development partner who provides consultation and contract testing services to help you meet your goals.
We practice good science and profound industry expertise to create workable solutions for complex challenges

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CMC Development By Industry Leading Experts

Setting & executing CMC strategy based on science and regulatory expectations are critical to ensure timely delivery of quality products

  • Experienced Team
  • We bring in a team of highly educated professionals with significant, firsthand industry experience

  • Compliance and Regulatory
  • Our services are aligned with compliance standards and regulatory expectations

  • Product Focused
  • We make sure to help you deliver products that are compliant and of high quality for patients

  • Focused & Cost effective
  • We are focused to bring you innovative solutions in a prompt and cost-effective manner

  • Work Packages
  • When we consult or test, we make sure you have compiled a quality CMC package

  • Experienced Project Management
  • We take your projects from start to end and deliver value while working with your key team members and stakeholders


Industry Leading Consulting & Testing Services

Our experts and partners are skilled in all dimensions of CMC development. We provide stringent consulting and testing services starting right from discovery and pre-clinical development to delivering quality clinical-grade material .

  • Biopharm products and small molecules
  • Entire CMC Strategy and Executable Plan
  • Product Characterization & Comparability
  • Sample Testing
  • Stability Studies
  • Analytical & Biophysical Methods Development and Tech Transfer
  • Pre-formulation, Formulation Development and Tech Transfer
  • Incident Investigation, Root Cause Analysis, and Implementing Solutions
  • Interface with Regulatory and Clinical Development
  • Regulatory Services
  • Intellectual Properties Protection
  • Staff Training and Development

Meet Our Team

Wasfi AlAzzam, PhD

Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer
TechnoPharmaSphere LLC

Qualified & Experienced Specialists

Collaborate With Us To Improve Biopharm Drug Development And efficiently Meet Your Businesses Goals

Experienced Professionals

We bring in a team highly qualified scientists who believe in good science and have served the biotech industry for decade

Stringent Quality

Our GMP expertise helps ensure that your clinical material is compliant and according to regulatory expectations

Effective Product Testing

We offer comprehensive product testing and development services to offer better biopharm products from protein, protein conjugates, cell, gene, and exosome therapies including biosimilar and biobetter

Expert Training

We offer tailored workshops and training events to meet the unique requirements of various biopharm industry needs and contribute to the development of the biopharm

Scale Your Company’s Growth
With Our Proven Testing & Development Services

Services We Provide


The CMC is an integral part of the entire drug development program with major influences from and to clinical studies and regulatory requirements.

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Testing biopharmproducts can be complicated and results can be unpredictable.

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Intellectual Property

Protecting your intellectual property is critical for your business success. Many products lose their commercial value due to lack of intellectual property protection.

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CMC Regulatory

Biopharm molecules are complex and challenging.Filing regulatory documents for such molecules to initiate clinical trials or registering your product can prove to be quite challenging.

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The research organization is founded by industry-leading scientists who believe in good science for the development of quality biopharm medicines for patients.